Beware: Chrome 61 for Android regression!

Avatar of Robert Klotzner Robert Klotzner - 01. October 2017 - gonimo-development

Chrome 61 for Android Regression

First things first, we just discovered a regression in Chrome 61 for Android. If you upgrade to Chrome 61 it might happen that Gonimo is no longer usable as a video parent station. The bug shows the following behaviour: The video on the parent station stays black, the volume meter does react to sound. Sound is still transmitted though. We already reported the bug to the Chrome developers, we got the promise that it will be fixed in Chrome 62.

We recommend skipping the update to Chrome 61 on your Android devices and wait for Chrome 62. If you upgraded already (auto update for example), you can still use Gonimo with Audio only - this works just fine. Alternatively you can try Firefox mobile in the meantime.

One note, apart from this very unfortunate regression, we really recommend keeping your browser current - which works best with auto updates. It would be nice though, if Google allowed users to manually downgrade in case of such issues.

A current browser in general will offer you the best experience, has security fixes applied and makes our lives as developers easier, as we can take advantage of newer browser features and don't have to find workarounds for bugs and limitations of ancient browser versions.

New Team Member

We are very pleased to have Julian on board now. He is a great artist, who is going to take care of our art work needs. The first drafts for our new logo, left us stunned! Many thanks to Julian!

iOS progress

Apple still has potential to drive us crazy. We are lacking Apple hardware, so we tried installing Mac OS in a virtual machine to get going. This proved to be quite involved. My machine just crashed all the time, Martin's machine is installing the images a second time right now, as we write this article. We hope to have a working environment soon, so we can fix the iOS/Safari issues that are still there.

New User Experience

We strive to make Gonimo even easier for you. Both Martin and Chris finished their first drafts of the new UX, this sprint and we already had quite a bit of discussion. The UX is taking shape and we are getting more and more satisfied with the progress.

New Logo

Due to our recent parting with our graphic designers we are in need of a new logo. As already mentioned, the sketches by Julian are amazing!

New Alert Sound

We got the feedback from our users, that our current alert sound can be annoying at times, so thanks to Hannes we have a new one! Article Online

Last but not least, our article about Gonimo got published! You can have a read here!

Stay tuned!

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